Spanish the easy sustainable way

Lingamo is the most advanced assisted reading application for learning Spanish. With hundreds of hours of audiobook content, it’s easy to stay engaged.

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Part of Speech Highlighting

Highlight words based on their part of speech

Native definition and translations

See both native definitions and translations for added clarity.

Smart Word Detection

Lingamo can emphasize words you are studying in new texts regardless of how they are formed.

Spaced Repetition

Spaced repetition system flashcards built into the application.

Text to speech support

Easily listen to any word

Hundreds of hours of Audiobook content

Listen to over 400 hours of audiobook content through a mix of native and AI-powered narration.

Push past the intermediate plateau

Unless you are fully immersed in the language, casual reading and listening to Spanish is not enough to make meaningful progress. With Lingamo, you read more actively by having your attention drawn to words and grammatical concepts that you are learning.

Make better use of your time by learning with Lingamo and its large library of audiobooks and news articles.

How is Lingamo Different?

Grammar Aware

Most assisted reading apps ignore grammar. Lingamo is smarter. It can recognize words you are studying regardless of the form they take through a process known as lemmatization. It also knows the part-of-speech of every word, helping draw your attention to things like the use of the subjunctive.

Built for Advanced Language Learners

Apps like Duolingo are a godsend when first starting with a language. After you achieve basic literacy in a language, there are not many apps built to help take you from intermediate to advanced proficiency. Lingamo streamlines the reading process, saving you hours each week.

Lingamo Reviews

I have been waiting for an app like this for years! It makes reading in Spanish so much easier because it lets me read actively without much effort. It has become a big part of my morning routine.

Roger P.

Roger P.

I really love the text tracking feature for the audiobooks. It’s a much more engaging way to read and I feel like my verbal comprehension is really improving.

Angelina R.

Angelina R.

After years of practice I still struggle with the subjunctive. Lingamo’s ability to highlight instances of the subjunctive in any text has really given me better intuition for when the subjunctive is used.

Monica C.

Monica C.